make-up removal

Why makeup removal is so important?

Good makeup removal is an important stage of skin care. Subsequent skin care activities do not bring good results, if omitted or performed incorrectly.

How to perform correct makeup removal?

The removal of makeup from the eyes is the first step. First we saturate the cotton buds with eye makeup removal liquid and put them for few seconds on the eyelids to enable the liquid to dissolve the mascara and eye shadows. Then we cleanse the area around the eyes in circular movements, from the inside to the outside of the eye and back, collecting the mascara and eye shadows in the process.

What do we gain by proper makeup removal?

We cleanse the skin without depriving it of the hydro-lipid coating, and as a result it is not dry and left without protection, without which the face is sensitive, reddened and susceptible to infections.

How to perform the makeup removal during travel, when going to the swimming pool or a gym?

In these situations we should go for convenient and easy to use cosmetics, such as the wipes saturated with the makeup removal liquid. We should select the wipes saturated e.g. with micellar liquid, because they will easily clean off the makeup from the eyes and rest of the face. They will not irritate the skin and leave on it the unpleasant greasy layer.


intimate hygiene

Why the correct intimate hygiene is so important?

The intimate vagina and the balance between various bacteria strains found in this flora is very sensitive to both internal and external factors. The violation of this balance might lead to an infection.

How should we select the appropriate intimate hygiene product?

The assurance of appropriate acidic pH level is the key issue. In the normal microflora of the vagina this task is executed by the most commonly found bacteria - lactic acid bacilli, which are a sort of a probiotic.

Intimate hygiene during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very important period in life of many women, however it is also the period of intensified secretion of mucus and distortion of defensive mechanism.

Intimate hygiene during puerperium

The puerperium, similar to the pregnancy, is a very important period in respect to special care of the cleanness of intimate places. Why is it so important?

Intimate hygiene during menopause

Menopause usually occurs in women in the age of 40-65 years. The menstruation stops as a result of phasing out of hormonal activity of the ovaries, the production of estrogens and progesterone decreases.


nail care

How to care for your nails?

Beautiful nails are not only carefully styled nails. You get them by, first of all, caring for them correctly. The correct care starts every day with the simplest action - washing your hands. However, it is worth remembering that both water and soap can dry the hand skin and the nail plate. Therefore, you should always use moisturizing cream after washing your hands.

How to give yourself a perfect manicure?

Manicure is not about painting nails. Manicure is the art of nail care, which makes your hands your trademark. A correct and regular manicure guarantees beautiful and well-groomed nails.

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