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refreshing wipes

Intense physical activity, a long journey, a long walk on a hot day – these are all situations when we sweat, and the skin on the hands gets sticky and requires refreshment. This significantly affects our comfort and self-confidence.

The Cleanic brand offers a wideselection of refreshing wet wipes for effective cleaning of the hands and body. They are indispensable whenever you need instant refreshment: on a journey, on a walk or during a hot summer day.


with antibacterial liquid


with antibacterial liquid and a cooling effect


with an antibacterial liquid and a flowery fragrance with a hint of coconut


with antibacterial liquid and a flowery fragrance with a hint of orange


with antibacterial liquid and a bubble gum fragrance


A bigger wipe with an antibacterial liquid

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deodorant wipes

Sweating is a natural function of thebody's system, however, it can be a source of discomfort. The armpits on particular can cause many problems. The concentration of sweat glands there is so high that the armpits secrete a much more unpleasant smell and it is difficult to prevent sweating there.

Cleanic Deo is an exceptionally convenient combination of the washing, deodorising and anti-perspiration functions. The two specially formulated fragrance options guarantee a feeling of comfort and self-confidence at any time of the day.

Deo Soft

with silver ions and a subtle fragrance

Deo Fresh

with silver ions and a fresh fragrance

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intimate wipes

The intimate areas are very sensitive and prone to bacterial infections. Proper intimate hygiene not only gives the feeling of cleanliness and freshness, but also reduces the risk of irritations and infections.

Cleanic intimate wipes were designed for active and demanding women, who seek effective and convenient products. They guarantee instant freshness and a feeling of cleanliness for a long time. The intimate wipes contain lactic acid, which helps restore the natural bacterial flora of the intimate areas. Thanks to the handy packaging you can always have them at hand: at work, on a journey, on holiday.


for women prone to irritations


for women with gentle and sensitive skin


for effective refreshment


for women prone to bacterial and fungal infections

The manufacturer of the Cleanic
brand is Harper Hygienics

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